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NUTRA NAIL® One Step Liquid Wrap

Formulated for weak nails that are prone to breaks, cracks and splits. Nutra Nail One Step Liquid Wrap is a Salon Formula, Acrylic Gel Shield that brushes on easily in one step to strengthen and support natural nails. Plus it mends cracks and splits. This added shield of protection works like a liquid nail wrap without the fabric and fillers. Nail tips are reinforced for long-lasting maximum strength. Helps bond split nails quickly to prevent them from getting worse. Nails are stronger and protected from breaks, cracks and splits, allowing them to grow longer.
product information
For use as a nail strengthener: Brush on nails starting from cuticles to the tips of nails. • Avoid getting product on cuticle area and skin.
For use as a split nail mender: Brush over split nail, making sure to get product into split. Then immediately press both sides of the split together firmly to help bind them together. • Hold the nail securely for 90 seconds until product dries. • Reapply as needed to assure evenness. • Avoid getting product on cuticles and skin. This is a glue formula and can only be removed with artificial nail remover.
Warning: Eye Irritant. Keep gel away from eyes until gel dries on nails. If eye contact occurs, flush immediately with water. See physician at once. Bonds skin instantly. If skin bonds, DO NOT PULL: peel apart gently using acetone nail polish remover. Avoid contact with fabrics. Contains cyanoacrylate. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.
Complete Money Back Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied, return your sales receipt and the UPC Code from our package and we will refund your full purchase price within 6 to 8 weeks (valid only if purchased in USA and its possessions).

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