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Nail Care for Winter

Winter is just around the corner! And the cold weather combined with indoor heating make nails dry, brittle and more prone to breaking or chipping. Plus, nails tend to grow more slowly in the winter months due to slower circulation from lower temperatures and less exercise.

So what can you do? The most important thing in winter is to keep your nails, cuticles and fingertips moisturized. This will help keep them from becoming brittle and breaking. Use a cuticle cream or oil daily or even twice a day if you have very dry skin and nails. Make sure you massage this treatment deep into the nails for maximum effect. You can also fight winter dryness by wearing cotton gloves over just-moisturized nails while you sleep!

Some more great ideas: keep your nails slightly shorter and more rounded in winter so they wonít break as easily. Another way to keep nails strong and hard is to apply two coats of strengthener alone or over color polish. If youíre applying color to your nails, use a base coat to protect your nails and make the polish last longer.

Ordinary polish removers are extremely harsh on nails and make winter nail problems even worse. Nutra Nail, a leader in nail care, just introduced a new polish remover that is different. In addition to it being a non-drying formula that actually CONDITIONS your nails while it removes polish, it also has NO ODOR, so you donít have to inhale the noxious fumes of traditional polish removers.

Nail growth tends to slow down during cold winter months, so to help speed nail growth, keep your fingers moving to increase circulation and apply a growth treatment twice daily. Massage into nails and cuticles 'til dry for best results.

The most obvious preventative is often the one we overlook. Wear gloves! Not only will gloves make your hands and nails look their best by keeping out the cold, drying air, they also act as a barrier to prevent dust, chemicals and other materials from harming their look or texture.

With a little care through the cold, winter months, you can go into the spring with fantastic, strong, great looking nails.